Electronic Switch Firmware Options attiny This is the second most popular option. The real key feature is the 3 channels combined with bistro and Narsil firmware to give you nearly endless options when it comes to UI. Bleeder resistor for lighted tailcaps, varies between ohm optional C1: The items with a quantity of 1 have multiple options that you will need to pick from in the cart. You can download the source code for this firmware here. The light will begin to ramp down power at around 6V under load.

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The answer is simple: When the light is at the desired temperature for the turbo step down, turn the light off.

The light will begin to ramp down power at around 9V under load.

FET Driver – 17mm

The MCU the computer that controls the driver has a voltage limitation of 5. Soldering these numbered pins to ground will enable these features:.

Extras Gift Vouchers Specials. With the light in programming mode, tap the switch 30 times to enter the turbo timer set mode.

The answer is simple: One 17mn of the switch is soldered to ground, the other to the pre-tinned switch pad on the driver connected to pin 2. We design, assemble, and test these drivers in-house in the USA using the best components available for the job.


The light will shut off at around 5.

The board uses a PIC microprocessor and has eight possible mode groups with optional memory of last mode depending on how you solder certain contacts. This may 17,m useful if you are planning on piggybacking this driver onto another driver, or if you have your own preferred spring you’d like to install yourself.

Here is a DigiKey shopping cart with the components I usedthere are both better and also cheaper options available if you want to pick out your own, so this is just for reference I like getting a bit tighter tolerance OTC as it can help when things get hot for example. Running more current also generally means shorter battery life. Bistro Clicky Firmware attiny25 ToyKeeper hit this one out of the ballpark!

The amount of light in EVERY mode will drop as the battery drains, where with the normal driver all modes will be regulated until the battery level drops below the 177mm of regulation. In the middle of the second pair the third blinkswitch the light off.

Bleeder resistor for lighted tailcaps Zener pads for higher voltage applications Attiny85 ready for all fdt the mm versions. By default it is 5 modes, but has stars on the back similar to the other NANJG drivers that allow different groups of modes to be hardwired. With 17km cells non-zener mod the light will begin to step down output at around 2. The C1 cap is in all cases. Bistro Clicky Firmware attiny This momentary switch firmware gives you awesome ramping control, thermal throttling, and a slew of other features.

  865PE-A REV 2.0 DRIVER

Turbo Timer A turbo timer may help reduce the chance of overheating. Soldering these numbered pins to ground will enable these features: A turbo timer may help reduce the chance of overheating.

Help with MTN 17mm FET+ Driver |

Diode and Zener are both SOD package. This means that it can only be used with a single cell unless zener modified.

Add bundle to Cart. Are you able to preserve the charging capabilities with this driver?

Help with MTN 17mm FET+7135 Driver

The light will blink and your mode group will be memorized. Zener Mod Option For use with more than 1 lithium cell on the input. Disable low voltage protection.

Nice, that is a great service for ft the skills that I am lacking. Retrieved from ” http: Once the light reaches the desired maximum temperature, turn the light off and the temperature level will be saved.