I am sure there are situations that may warrant several single slot PCIe devices. Posted Apr 14, 2: Libpal is a network-packet assembly library; Facebook uses it to generate a small set of IPMI messages to provide compatibility with other monitoring tools. It was first deployed in with the Wedge , a “top-of-rack network switch” design from OCP, although Fang noted that, from a design standpoint, the team looked at the switch as “just another server. I would like to second and third the previous comments.

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It was first deployed in with the Wedgea “top-of-rack network switch” design from OCP, although Fang noted that, from a design standpoint, the team looked at the switch as “just another server. The music fan in me is mildly disappointed, however, that they didn’t call the project “Run-BMC”.

Then you could run your distribution of preference on your BMC too. On top of that comes a general BMC layer that enables the bootloader, C library, and kernel recipes for a particular SoC vendor at present, meta-aspeed. These x16 slots are both SLI and Crossfire capable. It should be noted that the PCIe 2. The feature set does not veer much if any from the ordinary—administrators connect and request server status, which is returned in JSON—although he did point out that the service works with cURL and can, therefore, be scripted, in addition to working through the browser.

There would no doubt be some nice support contracts for something like this if a company kept it all up to date with the latest security exploits. I’d feel a lot safer administering servers via BMC if I knew that the BMC’s software was open and easily updated with security patches.


OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers

But what of those times when you’ve gotta dust up and nuke from orbit.? If this mattered and I’d dug in for a fight behind a contrary opinion, the response didn’t cite anything convincing beyond some notion of ‘good engineering’ — but the tone isn’t likeable and won’t win me to the responder’s cause.

Server motherboards, unlike consumer motherboards, are never bought for looks. Another difference to the consumer platform is fewer fan headers.

OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers []

Posted Apr 14, On the whole, we expect consumer products to perform slightly better in our benchmarks than the server parts for two main reasons.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. OpenBMC allows Facebook to run more recent kernel releases than one would typically find in a vendor-provided IPMI stack; the latest deployments use 4. Now, if we’re going by what I wrote: I’m going to have to power that sucker down by physically unplugging the power cords and hope the BMC comes back, and I can’t do that until I schedule a visit to the data centre. Whether that’s done in by an RT kernel or multi-user, pre-emptive multitasking kernel is something I wanted to leave open for someone else to say what and why they chose that option.

We can only go by what you wrote, which seemed to be a presumption that RT was needed for “robust response times”, so the response was both to correct this apparent misconception for you and for everyone else reading along. The main socket area is right up against Intel specifications, and users of consumer LGA motherboards might be concerned regarding the power delivery setup with such a small heatsink.


I would perhaps also recommend in the future that the management NIC is a different color as to differentiate it from the other network interfaces. He noted that more development tools are being ported to the distribution, along with the Chef provisioning system and additional monitoring programs.


The system uses the U-Boot bootloader and an embedded Linux distribution created with Yocto. The first is driver stability. While it is intended as a convenience for those who must manage dozens or hundreds of servers in a remote facility, IPMI has been called out for its potential as a serious hole in server security.

The resulting distribution is called OpenBMC.

This meant dual Xeons, large amounts of ECC memory and a motherboard to match. Vendor board-support packages, he said, typically focus only on board bring-up, while thousands of machines running different workloads encounter a wide variety of bugs. What a world where BMC’s aren’t a security threat on nearly every system.


Most server vendors, Fang said at the start of his talk, provide their own BMCs. Fang then outlined the process of porting OpenBMC to a new board. Posted Apr 26, 8: This is limited to xp60, but should be sufficient for any compute or virtualized topology. That’s a stretch, aseped when I intended to convey other meanings, including things like under-committing resources to ensure spare overhead.