You may need to introduce a dc block in the line. AISG control systems need to be grounded at one of these locations: These bulletins are available online at the Commscope website. Select Turn off Pop-up Blocker. Selecting Network and Sharing Center. It is enough to isolate a malfunction and replace the device or cable.

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Files Needed If this screen appears, …reenter the file from previous step. Any other bias tee may scramble the AISG signal.

Andrew Atc – Lite USB Ret Controller | eBay

Use another smart bias tee to eliminate the possibility of a bad modulator. Return to configuration screen and reboot.

This file tells the RET system the tilt range for a given antenna and enables the system to set the tilt angle for the antenna. Refer to Table a for available cable lengths and their part numbers, as well as Andrew RET component part numbers.

Andrew ATCLite Troubleshooting guide |

Alarm Outputs Two relay outputs for conveying alarm conditions. RS— serial cable not shown. Your Local Area Connection Status window will open. Click the Automatically setting so the computer will find the newest page.


Software Updates

Click on this link to return to product list. It can find AISG 1. For example, choose port 6. This can be checked at the AISG female cable assembly. Not used in the Andrew RET system.

Note that attc200 file name is case sensitive. Record sector and position for each antenna and actuator.

Connectors should only be hand tightened. No weather proofing is required. Selecting Local Area Connection. Insufficient information from actuator for controller to control device garbled message caused by noise on line, firmware download to actuator failure, or old software Version 5 or earlier.

The shorting condition can be caused by improper installation or that the circuit inside an actuator has been damaged by some external event such as a lightning strike. See pages iii to v, the main Table of Contents, for the product in each section and issues related to the product. See Table for pin outs. Click on the link provided for Installation and User Guides Figure Check voltage at end of coax. Local Area Connection Properties. If you find no devices, by-pass a component other than an actuator at first and rescan.


Use a serial cable instead. Andrew installation instructions are written for such installation personnel.

Andrew Atc200-lite-usb Teletilt Controller System USB Power Supply AISG ATC200

Refer to Figure for an example of how the COBRA home-run control cable or a spare control cable can be used to locate a malfunction. If no ports are available, see your IT department.

It is recommended that transmit power be turned off when the field installation is performed. Click on Local Area Connection Atc20 If the SMB port is connected to a smart bias tee, the signal may be scrambled and hamper communication.