Its appear- ance here is rather unexpected, but very characteristic. And the saints wondered and were amazed and astonished by the wonders of the Lord the whole night until morning, and they did not slumber nor sleep. Another example, which perhaps is less well known, may be cited from the religion of the pagan Galla tribes. In the first half of Numbers there are but two corrections. Thus they continued praying 40 days and 40 nights without tasting food or water, except on 4 Sundays, and these were counted with the fasting.

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I need scarcely cite all the Indo-European parallels; for it is well known that from India to Ireland almost everywhere the dragon plays a great rdle in folklore. A”fOniH’S deinde in C y 8 ito versus est: An allusion to this story is to be found in the Qor’an, siirah There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

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And when they saw him, Abba-Cahama grasped his beard’and Abba Garlma said: The subscription of Joshua is more lengthy and of a different character: It seems to me that that version which places Arwe at the beginning of the history of Abyssinia is the most ori- ginal one, r7d that in later times popular Christian tradition tried to connect this old legend in some way with Christian personalities so that the deliverance of the nation from the d37d evil should be owed to Christian heroes.


This is of course a very common feature of folktales, and many parallels could be cited from other literatures. The i Tills custom of robbing codices of their blank leaves is further r3d7 by the disappearance of some dy-lcaves which were originally bound with the volume. I’ R 8 XoD: Now I asked, saying: And when they entered, the other boy grasped the hand of the man who was sitting on the throne, [to greet him]: In Joshua there are no corrections.

HKii i I ioMiAi: Hi-i i auoct t R I ji-oA: When Bilqls entered, she thought it was real water and lifted her garment to wade through. This tends to prove — thus is said — that Solomon had received the greater wisdom.

Solomon notices that his guests are women first by their shyness in eating and drinking. And they have been in this condition for 13 var. And he took a skin with honey and hung it up in the room, and he put a bowl under it; also he made a hole in it i. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. R item vv 15, 16 16 OT-H: In the major pauses red and black ink are used together throughout most of the MS, except in the section in Joshua above mentioned.

Full text of “The legend of the Queen of Sheba in the tradition of Axum”

XI, 2 How the sons of Noah built a tower. This means the purification from my flowers. While in Hebrew and Arabic sources the suite of the Queen is disguised and Solomon displays his wisdom by distinguishing the boys from the girls, in the Tigre legend the Queen and her minister disguise themselves, and Solomon recognizes them in order to wed ai.


The reason why these nine saints were made the delive- rers from the serpent does not seem to be accidental. Afterwards Christ visits them and goes with them to see the dead ser- pent, Graecus habet, immutatus est, in C lectio genuina restiiuta est.

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C pti G I om Aop-rt,: But there is a cha- racteristic difference. These figures are doubly significant. And after that God sent a mighty flash down from heaven upon the cursed serpent and cut him in twelve parts striking him with [his] fiery sword. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of.

Both parchment and binding are not only of good material, but also in a fair r3d7 of preservation.

They said to her: In Abyssinia espe- cially, with Semitic as well as with Kushitic peoples, we find a great many superstitions relating to serpents.