How else am I to frag in the dark when my wife is watching her reruns of Law and Order or sleeping? This is something that all keyboards do but seeing it on the keypad makes you feel like you are in the game. Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! The keyboard is very compact. The hot keys work perfectly in Windows.

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Our key focus is on meeting the ever changing needs of the gaming community – one of the fastest growing communities in the world today.

Review by Old Rooster July He was pretty impressed with the Warboard as well. The wrist support provides great comfort for those long online sessions. Overall, dlexiglow keyboard is a good value as long as you can get around the compact key layout. The slimline stance of the Warboard is very similar to that of the Logitech G11 that I am currently using as my everyday keyboard.

The software application can be very simple to use, but can become as complexe as the people using it. Our expertise spans a range of areas including: For the time being, he says With it’s lightweight design, row of hot keys and back lighting for the keys, the Flexiglow Illuminated Multimedia Flexigloa may be just the ticket for the person on the go.

File:CyberSnipa Flexiglow single handed keyboard for gamers.jpg

The browser buttons control the home, email, back, forward, search, refresh, favorites, stop and media functions. But honestly not necessary.


Keys also have their traditional labels “C” for crouch.

My son, with his online trial, had even a greater sense of that in his competition with human players. The soft blue underlighting provides a pleasant ambience for play times.

Items like the Game Pad would have you fragging like there was no tomorrow. Each key can be assigned to perform a simple keyboard command or used as simple as a mouse button press. A single handed keyboard which shows only a selection of the keys being present on a standard computing keyboard, intended for gamers who use one hand on the left half of a standard keyboard thus accessing only keys from there and the other hand on the mouse.


Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard | ProClockers

Each key has two modes which can be determined via a simple key stroke. Software and Setup The initial interface to the software that is used to customize the Warboard is pretty damn cool looking.

It would have been nice if they were blue or even white to go with the color theme. And the keyboard held up pretty well. The one on this keyboard is small, which often times made me hit the key by accident. Acting as a mini keyboard, with particular emphasis on first-person shooter jeyboard, a week of solid and extensive playing keybooard moved it from a position of “interesting idea” to a place of “essential requirement” in my FPS play.

Because the changing of keys does not mean a change in operation. Packed with features to dominate the competition – the Flexihlow unique “Macro-Force” software, removable custom keys and ergonomic design will ensure a competitive advantage to the professional gamer. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the good folks at GoGamer sent this new Flexiglow product for review.


All the hot keys function just fine without them. Check the GoGamer website for the full gaming line. The spacebar is smaller than on most keyboards, but this isnt anything major especially if you constantly type on a laptop and are used to the small spacebar.

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard

With the mouse in the right hand and the gamepad under the left, we both found the WASD positioning and placement fkexiglow the larger, more frequently used keys definitely speed up the “eyes to brain to hand to screen” transition. In addition, my son, who has broadband, played Half-Life 2 and Unreal Tournament online.

But there are many more names out there besides the ones mentioned.

The “Macro-Force” software allows you to automate in game actions. The main keyboard was put to one side. The hot keys work perfectly in Windows. Lightweight Blue back light Hot keys Cons: