To be really helpful, check out the git head and test that. Another thing to try is running gpsd under Valgrind overnight and seeing if it reports any leaks. You probably have a badly-written or buggy app installed that is running in background, keeping gpsd awake by keeping a client session to it constantly open; this can happen if the app is using “Fine Location” rather than computing its location the cheaper way using cell-tower signal strengths “Coarse Location”. We’d like to do a better job of extracting this information, but handling all the potential variations would be an extremely difficult and messy job. Ntrip caster A URI with the prefix “ntrip:

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Will show an error if the device doesn’t have such modes. In either case, the current driver is re-selected; if the probe bit is enabled, probes will begin to be issued immediately.

How can I verify operation of a new GPS?

Ctrl-S Freeze display, suspend scrolling in debug window. You will want that for your report. It is a bad idea for fpsd to speak the protocol directly: With no argument, toggle the setting.

GPSD cannot handle this. Multiple options will be executed in this order: My USB port becomes unavailable after gpsd uses it.

Your next step should be to feed the log you just captured to a gpsd instance through gpsfake to verify that the log does in fact reproduce the bug.

Synopsis gpsctl [-h ] [ -b -n ] [-x control ] [-e ] [-f ] [-l ] [-s speed ] [-t devicetype ] [-R ] [-D debuglevel ] [-V ] [ serial-port ]. In normal operation, gpsmon does not send configuration strings to the device except for wakeup strings needed to get it to send data, if any.


Given a GPS device by either means, gpsd discovers the correct port speed and protocol for it. Users have reported incorrect dates which appear to be due to this issue. If you are non-technical and confused, the GPSD users’ list will be more appropriate. These will be shipped to the tpsd.

They broadcast a leap-second correction once each complete reporting cycle foce with the satellite almanac; it’s up to the GPS firmware to add that correction to the time it puts in reports. This end-of-file condition indicates that the’ device has been disconnected. When gpsd receives a sentence with a timestamp, it packages the received timestamp with current local time and focre it to a shared-memory segment with an ID known to ntpd, the network time synchronization daemon.

When you have previously used ntpd, and other reference clocks appear in your configuration, there may be a fixed offset between the GPS clock and other clocks.

What is the license of GPSD? When gpsd is not running, the device specification is required, and you will need to be running as root or be a member of the gped owning group in order to have write access to the device. Follow it with a string that is unique to the name of a gpsd driver with gpsmon support; gpsmon will switch to using that driver and display code.

Fogce capability is rare in consumer-grade devices. Differs from simply capturing the data from the GPS device in that only whole packets are logged. It can read heading and attitude information from the Oceanserver or TNT Revolution digital compasses.


The signal payload layout is as follows: Because we have been informed that some people are insane about this, we shall state the obvious: Following the command letter you may type hex digit pairs; end with a newline. A device may will also be dropped from the pool if GPSD gets a zero length fofce from it.

gpsmon(1) — gpsd-clients — Debian unstable — Debian Manpages

On USB and Bluetooth GPSes it is also possible for serial mode setting to fail either because the serial adaptor chip does not support non-8N1 modes or because the device firmware does not properly synchronize the serial adaptor chip with the UART on the GPS chipset when the speed changes. For Ntrip services that require authentication, a prefix of the form “username: If no options are given, the program will display a message identifying the GPS type of the selected device and exit.

The command ‘i0’ turns off probing; ‘i’ alone toggles the bit. Unit 0 is used for message-decoded time and unit 1 for the fogce accurate, when available time derived from the PPS synchronization pulse.

Check that it has power.