Reply or subscribe to this bug. Acknowledgement sent to meengeoffrey gmail. Intel x86 microprocessors Intel products Intel chipsets. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Intel Atom processor left vs. Years of legacy have been stripped out of the chipset, there’s no parallel port, no floppy disk controller.

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Wed, 21 Sep Drivers and programs can be a pain in the u know what to either install or uninstall. Tue, 22 Feb Sun, 13 Dec Sun, 20 Jan In most chipsets you have many different queues for traffic between the FSB and memory subsystem designed to extract the best possible performance from the ggaphics.

The parts of Poulsbo Intel also developed a fairly sophisticated message fabric to send data across the SCH – think of it as an on-chip Ethernet network for carrying things like interrupts and power management signals across the chip in an efficient manner.


This is not what I expect from any hardware manufacturer that has a duty to graphlcs out drivers. BIG downside of Linux nevertheless: Acknowledgement sent to “David A. Send a report that this bug log contains spam.

Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Message 30 received at bugs. For power, you say just the CPU The Poulsbo chipset right With Poulsbo being a nm part, it also helps explain why Atom is reserved for larger-than-iPhone devices today: No cleanup reason has been specified.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator (IntelĀ® GMA )

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Fri, 26 Feb Wed, 05 Oct I do not even any dislike intel. Acknowledgement sent to asjo koldfront.

Windows 10 driver for Intel GMA500 Poulsbo graphics card (Nokia Booklet 3G)?

Fri, 08 Sep Message 15 received at bugs. The designers chose to move back to PATA mostly because of power and smaller drives. Tue, 19 Jan It also expects a particular xf86mm. Thu, 17 Feb Wed, 02 Feb But, I bought a lap, and I deserve support of the hardware, as in software-drivers for that hardware.


Fri, 20 Nov Any help would be appreciated.