I’m having a very hard time getting a parity done, so something is wrong somewhere. You do your research! I have a in my HP , but it is about 2 years? Parsec Thank you; you have answered my question and sorted out my confusion. I think it’s a Linux driver issue, not an actual chipset defect.

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I now have a better understanding of how these controllers work.

Gigabyte does include a driver on the CD that can be manually installed version 1. I do not know if that list is complete.

SSD advice to use with Marvell 9128 chip

Does this advice still stand or should the latest Marvell driver be installed or perhaps the older one if the firmware is not flashed to the latest version. Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Go to original post.

Parsec Thank you; you have answered my question and chupset out my confusion. I shut down the server and made several copies of the USB key’s contents in different easily accessible places. Ironcing Problems like that get fixed with firmware updates.


New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. There are one or two chipsets they marell that apparently can be connected to more than one PCIe lane, but no one uses them.

Will the port still run at 6Gb? Once turned off, the drives appear and work fine. I am not certain that all Gigabyte motherboards use the PCIe 1. While you were confused a bit, I could tell you were trying, and just not some kid posting, ” I can live with the four-ports at 6Gb but I want to best ports to be running scratch drive in the Photoshop file-save drive.

All reports indicate the drives would not show up at all, from the very start, so you are fine! As a final note: Joined Mar 20, Messages 0. I am running Windows 7 bit. Thank you for taking the time to respond. ASRock makes one, and I think Gigabyte does too. The other report seemed to be a card with a newer firmware, so perhaps Marvell has quietly fixed the problem but only available in new purchases.


Each of those controllers are physically wired to their designated SATA ports. Irocing New Member Mar 6, You do your research!

This patch will not get into 6. Probably all v6 releases with virtualization support enabled.

Marvell disk controller chipsets and virtualization – Defect Reports [DEPRECATED] – Unraid

If I use my Gigabyte driver CD that came with my motherboard, it does not install a driver at all for the Marvell The workaround for now is to turn off virtualization. Share this post Link to post.

I don’t own an SSD so I can’t test it on “very fast” drives. It is not a limitation of the chip, but a limitation of the implemementation on the board itself.

Do make sure you have the latest firmware for the card.