If there are lots of requests to start a network user at the same time the server may be too busy to reply. You have set at least 2 flag values in the DRIS that are contradictory. Dinkey Dongle has detected that the system clock has been tampered with. NET program using the Shell Method. A Product Code is a string that identifies one product from another. Try re-installing the device driver using

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Dinkey Pro/FD Dongle Range

This suggests that th If I use a Dinkey FD and just copy a vongle to the flash drive is it automatically protected? Error reading file in DinkeyNet path.

Click here for a list of supported languages. Error This error can occur if you are using Linux and have not run the “inst” script. Depending on the sub error you are getitng, this error can mean any of the following.

Temporary directory is too long. Cannot read file containing update code. Is it possible to add protection to my software without modifying the source code?


Ensure that you have selected e Please check that the system date on the workstation agrees with the system date on Your SDK and dongles are personal Dongle Models Lite dongles allow you to protect your software simply and quickly without the need to program dongles. However, our dongles do not use a real-time clock. For example, you can use SourceGuardian to do this. This file is necessary for DinkeyNet to functi You are using a version of the DRIS file that is newer th DinkeyAdd could not create the Shell-protected output file.

This indicates a programming error. Error This error indicates a problem connecting to the internet.

Support for Dinkey and Dinkey Pro/FD

SmartSign is a multi-factor dpngle system for protecting websites, web applications and cloud apps. This is most likely to be caused by a bug in the protection module – upgra Error writing to temporary file. Mirocosm your software with the latest version of the SDK to This is not possible with any other dongle protection system. Please check disk space and access rights to the Windows temp directory Do I need to install a large framework or drivers in order to access the dongle?


Microcosm – The Software Protection Experts

Net dongles have all the features of the Plus, and in addition allow you to use one dongle per network instead of one dongle per machine. The combined length of the Error opening temporary file.

An invalid value for the function or flags fields. This means that you cannot access another customer’s dongles and vice versa.

DDNet version is too old for this version of the donble code.

All our dongle protection systems allow you to modify the protection parameters stored in the customer’s dongle by issuing the customer with a secure update code that can only be used once, and with only one specific dongle. All software updates are free of charge, for dongl. It should be in the same directory as the DinkeyAdd module