Software Installation Click on OK to save the port settings, and then click on OK in the Property window to finish the port settings procedure. Press F2 to start the installation. Repeat Step 7 through Step 11 for the remaining port. Install the new driver. Select the board whose ports you wish to configure to highlight it, and then click on Property. TxD buffer size The TxD buffer is the transmission output buffer allocated by the system for each port.

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See the Installing the Driver for the First Time subsection for detailed instructions. Use the Moxa diagnostic utility to verify the driver status: This indicates the Moxa board was found, but the IRQ is conflicting with another adapter. Notify your sales representative if any of the above items are missing or damaged.

Select Search for a suitable driver for my device recommendedand then click on Next to continue. CTI Execute the following commands from the Linux prompt: Wait while the files are copied to your hard drive. To increase overall data throughput, special features such as on-chip FIFO and on-chip hardware flow control are used to reduce the number of interrupts to the onboard CPU, helping to prevent data loss.


The installation procedure for Windows 95 is similar.

Try another slot until you find one that works. Moxa device drivers are provided for smoother installation, configuration, and performance. The cable or the board could be defective.

Please describe the symptoms of the problem as clearly as possible, including any error messages you see. Moxa provides drivers that allow you to use the following serial board products under DOS: Be the first to review this product.

Please remember to manually reboot your system later. Power on the PC. Press F2 to start mooxa installation.

See the Hardware Installation chapter. Use the Moxa terminal utility to test the tty ports: A window will open displaying basic configuration information for all boards of this type currently installed in the system.

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B-2 Problem Report Form This library facilitates the implementation of multi-process, multi-thread serial communication programs, and greatly reduces the time required to develop applications. Press Enter to select the model name of the Moxa board you are installing. Select Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want.

Specify the exact path and file name of the driver file, C: After plugging the board into an expansion slot and powering on your PC, Windows XP will automatically detect the new board, and the Found New Jl window will open in 12 bottom right corner of the Windows desktop.


Moxa CPUL Series Universal PCI Serial Boards

Disclaimer Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Moxa. The slot the boards are plugged into is jl.

Software Installation Click on OK to save the port settings, and then click on OK in the Property window to finish the port settings procedure. Please call us on for more information.

See the Configuring the Ports subsection for detailed instructions. A typical test report for a Moxa board is shown below. Install the new driver. However, you must ensure that each port is assigned a unique port number.

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